EINA University School de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Attached to the UAB


At EINA, teaching and research is also conducted to project the school internationally and participate in the exchange of experiences that facilitates collaboration with universities around the world.

This desire to be part of an international knowledge community is fostered and established through:

Mobility programmes

EINA Design Degree courses offer students the possibility of completing part of their courses at other European universities or universities around the world. Mobility programmes facilitate this possibility in academic terms and also offer financial assistance for placements abroad.

Student mobility is a priority objective for the creation of an integrated European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that, with exchanges between European students and students from around the world, can be expanded into a true knowledge internationalisation experience. The EINA mobility service, in collaboration with the UAB, offers information and management that enables EINA students to study part of the syllabus abroad, while looking after visiting students. The programmes that promote exchanges are:

These programmes involve bilateral cooperation agreements by EINA with over 42 major universities in 25 countries and the chance to access 335 universities in 33 countries worldwide that comprise the UAB exchange programme.

The international exchange service also promotes and manages teacher exchanges. These consist of short stays by EINA teaching staff at foreign universities or the hosting of foreign teachers, and they are aimed at contributing to the transfer of teaching experience and knowledge with a view to forming a European and international community of teachers.


Collaboration projects

Inter-university projects facilitate the exchange of knowledge and learning methodologies between universities in different countries, while giving the student experience of international cooperation.

These projects help the student achieve a wider understanding of how design works within a global framework and provides them with tools for when they enter the international professional market. EINA participates through the contacts and agreements facilitated by European and international inter-university collaboration programmes.