EINA University School de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Attached to the UAB

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alumni EINA?

The main goal of EINA Alumni is to keep in touch and maintain personal and academic contact between ex-students and the school, as well as connect all the students’ promotions at EINA since 1967, the year the school was founded.

EINA Alumni organizes periodic spaces of continuous training and shared experiences in several meetings. You can check the benefits of becoming EINA Alumni.

Who can be part of EINA Alumni?

Anyone who has taken their studies at EINA (courses, degrees, master degrees, and postgraduate programs), from 1967 until today.

How much does it cost to be EINA Alumni?

Becoming EINA Alumni is free.

What other services does EINA Alumni offer?

What are the continuous informative sessions?

The objective of the continuous training sessions is to provide active learning to the members of EINA Alumni, both to improve and update their professional skills related to the field of design, as well as to deepen their knowledge in areas related to art and humanities, in workshop, seminar or conference format.

Various sessions of continuing education will be offered in each session, usually at the EINA headquarters or at EINA Espai Barra de Ferro.

Entries will be limited and will be accepted by a rigorous order of request.

The duration of these sessions will be of 4 hours, and will have a price of 20€ per person and course.

In order to attend a continuous training session, you will have to book your program by sending an email to alumni@eina.cat. In case of having places available, it will be necessary to pay a deposit of the cost of the course. If the deposit has not been payed 24 hours before the beginning of the course the course, the reservation would be lost and passed on to the next EINA Alumni member who requested the place.

What are EINA Experience talks?

Experiència EINA (Experience EINA) are talks and meetings that aim to bring together alumni around a crosscutting topic in the field of design and art, which, following a common thread, will be discussed to encourage learning between equals. Various training sessions will be offered in each course.

What do I have to do to register as an EINA Alumni?

Access the registration page, create your user and add in e-mail and a password. You will receive confirmation e-mail. Once confirmed, you can complete your user profile. Fill in your contact information, choose the type of EINA Alumni you want to belong to, and answer a questionnaire about your professional profile.

How can I change my data once I am a member of the EINA Alumni?

Access the registration page and enter your data (e-mail and password). Remember to save your changes after modifying the data.

How will my data be used?

You can check the policy on the protection of data and transfer of image rights in the legal conditions.

How will the questionnaire about my professional profile be used?

The objective of the statistical data that the members of EINA Alumni fill in, is to build an updated data bank to help define the profile of EINA former students, in order to look for measures of improvement and enhance the introduction of our professionals in the labour scope. These improvements may include knowing what a professional needs to develop their projects and keeping up with new opportunities of the future.

How can I unsubscribe from EINA ALUMNI?

You can stop being EINA Alumni whenever you want. To unsubscribe, just enter your credentials (e-mail and password) and go to account settings. There, you will find the option to unsubscribe.